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We are currently undergoing a scheduled update. If you would like to place an order before then please do not hesitate to contact

The largest stock and range of Antique pocket watches in the U.K.
Atlam Sales & Services is a family company run by Bettina Skogland – Kirk & Geoffrey Knowles. Bettina is the pocket watch specialist in Atlam and she is the person most will have contact with. She is always happy to give advice and recommendations. Berna and Sharon are also in the office and shop, dealing with customers and running our packing department with friendly efficiency.

If you come to our shop during the week, you will meet Bob Jordan, who will gladly show you any of the watches on display. Atlam have been market Leaders in Pocket watches for nearly 20 years. We are known to specialise in the unusual and collectible pocket watches.

We are also known as having the largest of stock of pocket watches in the UK.