1.4 16 Size 21 Jewel Hamilton 992 Railroad Pocket Watch. Open Face. Stem Wound / Lever Set. 50mm. Circa 1929

Movement – this high grade nickel ¾ plate movement has a lever escapement with a micrometer regulator, gold centre wheel and raised gold jewel settings. The movement is decorated with slanted straight line damascening. The movement is signed “Hamilton Watch Co, Lancaster, Pa, 21 Jewels, 992, Made in USA, Double Roller, Adjusted 5 Positions” # 2351245. The movement is in 95% mint condition.

Case – the movement comes in a white gold filled open face case, which has a screw off back and bezel. The case is signed “Wadworth, Quality”. It has carved edges and a smooth plain finish on the back. The case is in 80% mint condition – some marks and scratches on the back cover

Dial – the white enamel MONTGOMERY dial is double sunk with a full set of blue steel hands. The dial has continuous minute marks, with a 6 set within the sub seconds dial. The dial is signed “Hamilton” and is in 99% mint condition – one small mark right on the edge of the dial by the lever set and hidden by the bezel.

£495 including shipping -