11.3 SUPERB Gunmetal GOLIATH Pocket Watch 79mm diameter. Open Face. Stem Wound / Pin Set Circa 1890

The watch has been cleaned and serviced and is in good working order and will run 24 36 hours This watch is bigger than a normal Pocket Watch. I have taken a photograph of a normal 50mm (16 size) American Waltham watch, next to the one I am listing here measures a massive 79mm mm and weighs 324g in total. Please note the Waltham is not included in the listing The watch is Swiss and was made circa 1890 Movement the nickel bridge lever movement is decorated with damascening and is in 80% mint condition some light tarnish on the movement and scratches around the screw

Case the movement comes in a large gun metal open face case, which has a hinged inner, back and snap on bezel.. The case has a smooth plain finish with bright gilt bow and inner rim around the dial. The case is in 95% mint condition superb condition the case retains its original black / blue sheen which you get with perfect gunmetal examples.

Dial the white enamel dial has big bold numbers and blue steel hands and is in 85% mint condition there are a few small hairlines with one on the 7. The watch has a plastic glass

495 including shipping -