11.3 Rare ROULETTE Pocket Watch by Old England Watch Co. With KRAY TWIN CASINO Connection. Open Face. 42mm. Stem Wound / Stem Set. Circa 1960

This is a Swiss watch made circa 1950-60’s These watches were made for certain casinos and handed out to high flyer customers. This watch came from the Casanova Club, 52 Grosvenor Street, London, W1X 9FH. This used to be known as the Esmerelda Club, a club often frequented by the notorious Kray twins – see link below: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Esmeralda's_Barn This watch comes with a book about the Krays which mentions the Esmerelda Club / Casanova Club. The watch works well and keeps excellent time

Movement – the small nickel movement has a lever escapement and is signed “Swiss”. The movement has 17 Jewels and is in 95% mint condition Case – the movement comes in a gilt metal case, which has a snap on bezel and the movement and dial come out from the front. The case has a free rotating bezel marked up as a roulette table and will “Spin” around the centre part of the case. Each number is gold wire enamel with black and red and of course 1 green! The back of the case is marked “Casanova Club” – slightly faded. The case is in 85% mint condition – surface wear on the back

Dial – the gilt metal dial has a Heart, Spade, Club and Diamond motifs. The dial is signed “Old England, 17 Jewels,, Swiss Made” and is in 90% mint condition – a good clean example The watch has a plastic glass

£750 including shipping -