4.100 Fancy Swiss Silver and Gold Pocket Watch. Open Face. 48mm. Stem Wound / Pin Set. Circa 1880

This is a Swiss pocket watch with silver marks for .800. This movement has a cylinder escapement and consequently is not suitable for every day use. If you are looking for a reliable day to day pocket watch, please contact us Movement – the gilt bridge movement has a cylinder escapement and is in 90% mint condition – light marks only

Case – the movement comes in a silver open face case, which has a METAL inner cover. The inner cover is signed “Remontoir Cylindre 10 Rubis” – this inner is marked and stained. The case is decorated with back and front bezels with gold leaf. The back of the case is decorated with crisp engine turning and a typical Art Nouveau design. The case is in 85% mint condition – some small soft bruises on the edges and stains on the inner but still a very attractive case

Dial – the white enamel dial has gilt filigree hands and black enamel 24 hour marks. The dial is in 99% mint condition – very clean. The watch has a plastic glass

£285 including shipping -