4.105 Large English Silver John Forrest Hunter. 53mm. Key Wound / Key Set. Birmingham 1906

Movement – the gilt full plate going barrel movement has a lever escapement and a compensated balance. The movement is signed “Chronometer Maker to the Admiralty, London.” The movement is in 95% mint condition. The gilt dust cap is signed “John Forrest” # 54868.

Case – the movement comes in a large English silver Hunter case, which has a hinged back and front cover. The watch is wound from the back, set from the front and swings out from the front also. The front cover requires manual assistance to open as it catches on the bezel and needs to be lifted open to the full 90 degrees. The case is decorated with coin edged sides, engine turning and has a vacant cartouche on the front cover. The case is in 90% mint condition – there is a bruise on the back and the covers are slightly sprained

Dial – the white enamel dial has gilt hour and minute hands and a blue steel sub seconds hand. The dial has a tree motif and is signed “Chronometer Maker to the Admiralty, John Forrest, London”. The dial is in 99% mint condition. The watch has a mineral glass

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