4.13 Swiss Silver Hunter Pocket Watch by Nadir. 47mm. Key Wound / Key Set. Circa 1880

If this is your first pocket watch or if you are considering buying this watch has a gift, please note that this is a key wound and key set pocket watch and requires some training and dexterity to use it. Also please do not expect quartz like accuracy from a watch of this type Movement – the light gilt full plate movement has a lever escapement and is numbered 43482. The movement is in 90% mint condition – light marks only. The movement has its original gilt dust cap

Case – the movement comes in a silver Hunter case, which has a hinged back and front cover. The front cover pops open when you press the button in on the stem. The watch is wound from the back, set from the front and swings out from the front also. The case has coin edged sides, engine turning and a vacant cartouche on the front. The case is in 80% mint condition – some signs of wear and tear but still a good case

Dial – the white enamel dial has gilt hands and is signed “Nadir, Swiss Made”. The dial is in 100% mint condition. The watch has a synthetic glass.

£550 including shipping -