4.18 Unusual Fancy Cased Pocket Watch. Open Face. 47mm. Stem Wound / Stem Set. Circa 1920

Movement the nickel bridge movement has a lever escapement and 15 Jewels. The movement is numbered 430 and is in 85% mint condition on close inspection there are old cloudy stains but these are visual and do not effect the movement at all

Case the movement comes in a gold plated open face case which has a hinged back and snap on bezel. The case is decorated with an unusual chequer board pattern where the grain of the engraving has been done in 3 different directions creating a three dimensional effect on the back of the case. There is some dirt or oil on one part of the engraving which is picked up clearly by the camera but is nearly invisible to the naked eye. The case also has carved edges and is in 90% mint condition in super clean condition apart from that one spot

Dial the gilt metal dial has raised numbers and matching gilt hands all with a smooth plain finish. The dial has a subtle engraved wavy pattern and Is in 95% mint condition light marks only The watch has a plastic glass.

350 including shipping -