4.24 16 size 23 Jewel Waltham RIVERSIDE MAXIMUS Pocket Watch. Open Face. 53mm. Stem Wound / Stem Set Circa 1909

Movement – the high grade nickel bridge movement has a lever escapement with a micrometer regulator. The movement has gold train wheels, raised gold jewel settings and is decorated with damascening. The balance cock has a diamond endstone. The movement is signed “Waltham, Mass, Riverside, Maximus, 23 Jewels, Adjusted” # 17009693 and is in 95% mint condition – small marks

Case – the movement comes in a gold plated open face case by the Keystone company. The case has a screw off bezel and the movement hinges out of the case. The inside of the case is engraved “W 1920”. The back cover is decorated with an engraved steam train. The case is in 90% mint condition - bruise on the edge

Dial – the white enamel dial is double sunk with a full set of blue steel hands. It is signed “Waltham” in the correct script for a Maximus grade and the dial is in 99% mint condition The watch has a mineral glass

£1250 including shipping -