6.4 18K and Enamel Ladies VACHERON & CONSTANTIN Pocket Watch. Open Face. 32mm. Stem Wound / Pin Set. Circa 1890

Movement – gilt bridge movement has a cylinder escapement and has frosted winding wheels with wolf teeth and 3 to 4 screws apiece. The movement is signed “Vacheron & Constantin” # 256468 and is in 100% mint condition.

Case – the movement comes in a solid 18K Gold open face case, which has a hinged inner, back and bezel. The inner cover is signed “Vacheron & Constantin, Geneve, Echappement a Cylindre, No 150240 (case number) Huit Rous en Rubis”. The inside of the case is marked 750 for 18K Gold. The case is decorated on the back with enamel flowers. The rest of the case has a smooth plain finish and is in 100% mint condition

Dial – the white has beautiful filigree hands and is in 100% mint condition

£1950 including shipping -