7.14 Continental Silver FOUR Strand Albertina. Circa 1890

This is a silver decorative watch chain made circa 1890. The main part of the chain is made up of 4 lengths of chain, 2 of which have a spiral rope twist pattern and the other two have mesh links. They are held together in the middle by a silver slide decorated with bright cut floral engraving. The chains terminate in silver mounts with ball motifs and more bright-cut engraving. Hanging from one is a silver Dog clip. Hanging from the other is a silver T bar decorated with two end balls and a rope twist pattern. Hanging next to this, attached to the same link are a pair of double link lengths with silver balls and a link at each end from which to hang watch keys or fobs etc. The chain measures 20cm in length and is in 95% mint condition excellent condition

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