9.43 Unusual Gilt Metal BREGUET Pocket Watch Key c1810

This is a gilt metal pocket watch key made circa 1810 This key has an internal ratchet and so it can only wind one way. These keys are for front winding verge and fusee watches which require clockwise winding thus preventing damage to watches which have a fusee chain. The key has a circular handle which contains the spring for the ratchet. The handle is actually also a split ring, so that items on loops can be threaded through. Afterwards through you must make sure you squeeze the handle back together again as part of the handle are ratchet teeth engaging with the ratchet teeth on the main body of the key The key also has a suspension loop and ring and can turn a full 360 degrees The key is a size 3-4 The key measures 38mm long x 12mm wide x 2mm deep

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